Guide to traveling to Japan
With this guide to travel to Japan we hope to help you prepare your trip to the Japanese country, one of the most wonderful and special places in the world.
Known for being one of the most requested destinations by travelers and unfortunately sometimes dismissed for the topic of being a very expensive country, Japan is the ideal place to meet and live in first person, as the most ancient tradition and the most extreme modernity , they can live in true harmony.
All this, together with a fascinating culture and incredibly educated people, make this destination a safe bet and an unforgettable trip.
Has it been your choice? Get ready to enjoy one of the most incredible countries in the world!

Japan Travel

Touring the most tourist attractions in Japan is also a pleasure for the senses, since as we said before, you can enjoy a cocktail that is sometimes not easy to assimilate, in which the incredible traditions, palpable in practically every corner, a Modernity that can sometimes be even overwhelming and one of the best gastronomies in the world form a set that is hard to forget, which we are sure will give you unforgettable moments that will make you want to return to Japan again and again.

After having been in the country a couple of times ( my main favorite is definitely Istanbul and Cappadocia , the first on a trip to Japan for free, in which we visited most of the essential places to see in Japan for 18 days and the second in which we will be in the country practically Two months, combining Kyoto and Tokyo with some short breaks, we wanted to make a guide to travel to Japan, in the most complete way, trying to make planning easier and above all, trying to capture all the data extracted from our experience.

When to travel to Japan
We could say, without fear of being wrong, that any time is good to travel to Japan, although without a doubt, there are two special times in the year: spring and autumn, times when the Japanese country is dyed in colors that seem to be out of a box.
That is why it is not surprising that the country is included among the best trips for spring and the best trips for autumn, moments to keep in mind if you are doubting what time of year to travel.

In addition we have to take into account that in spring the Hanami takes place, which as Wikipedia says is: «Hanami (花 見 lit.« see flowers ») is the Japanese tradition of observing the beauty of flowers, but this is generally associated word to the period in which the cherry blossoms and in which the Japanese flock to parks and gardens to contemplate their flowers (sakura). »

After our first trip we promised to return to Japan and do it at this time, so the months of April and May have been the time chosen for the second trip, in which we hope to enjoy the cherry blossom to the fullest and this precious tradition.

After our experience we have to say that if you want to travel at this time of the year, you must prepare the trip well in advance, since the prices of the accommodation, in addition to being sold out quickly, tend to rise considerably.
In addition, you must bear in mind that Hanami is a very ephemeral process, which does not usually last for many days and each year happens on certain dates, which depend on many meteorological factors, so we advise you to look at the data from the Meteorological Agency from Japan, to see the different forecasts.

In the same way we also have to say that the first trip we did during Christmas and despite being told that the cold was considerable, due to our experience and the one that we have been seeing in friends who have gone at this time, it does Cold, but nothing that you can’t bear, so if you can only travel in these months, don’t let the temperatures slow you down!
The same happens with the hottest months, in which many people consider whether to travel or not, since they have the idea that the temperatures are unbearable.
Although we have not traveled in these months, we can say that the friends who have been in months such as July or August, although they have been hot, have not been anything that has prevented them from making the trip with total tranquility.

Accommodation in Japan
Although it may seem the opposite, accommodation in Japan is cheaper than you may think, not exceeding even 50 euros per room, in mid-range hotels, if you book early.
Keep in mind that most hotels have rooms with all the comforts, although these are usually small.
And how could it be otherwise, we recommend you try the experience of staying in a ryokan, the traditional Japanese accommodation, at least on one occasion. We chose the option to do it in Miyajima and the truth is that it is a totally advisable option, since also the place is ideal to enjoy it.

Tips for traveling to Japan
As in any destination, knowing certain tips or recommendations is synonymous with facilitating the trip and preparing the route. That is why, after our two trips to the Japanese country, we want to include in this guide to travel to Japan a post in which we collect what are for us basic and necessary aspects to be able to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Japan Tours
Although we know that Japan is not especially a small country and that there are many places to visit, as well as being very interesting, we understand that most travelers choose a first trip to the Japanese country, lasting between two and three weeks, which includes places More tourist attractions like Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Miyajima, Hiroshima and in many occasions, the area of the Japanese Alps, which includes Takayama and Shirakawa-go.

In our 18-day free trip to Japan we include all these places, visiting Kyoto and the surroundings first, then going to Hiroshima and Miyajima, Takayama and Shirakawa-go and finishing the trip in incredible Tokyo.
Taking into account that it can be adapted to the days you have, we believe that this route is ideal for travelers who are traveling to the Japanese country for the first time and want to enjoy its most tourist attractions