Destinations in Japan

Destinations in Japan
When we prepare a trip to Japan, we often have doubts about which destinations to include in our planning. And is that Japan is a country with a lot to see. To facilitate the selection of destinations in Japan we have created an interactive map; With it you can select each of the Japanese regions to access the content we have about them and know what to visit. You will also see that some important cities are marked on the map, in case you want to know more in detail everything that can be seen and done in them.

And after the map we include shortcuts to the main Japanese destinations and to all the regions, in case you prefer to access the content in another way … to enjoy planning!

Featured destinations
The two most visited cities in Japan, and by far, are Tokyo and Kyoto. At Japonismo we love to offer you information from all over the country but you have to be realistic. So if you want a simple way to find and filter all the information of each of these cities, you can do it from here.


Kansai is the second most important region of Japan. And here we also find a coastal plain that has made it possible for many people to live here. In addition, since his departure is also to the Pacific, communication with the Tokyo area has always been a priority. Not in vain there were 5 traditional routes that connected the current Tokyo with the old capital in Kyoto, being two of the best known the Tokaido and Nakasendo routes.

The region is very large and consists of 7 prefectures: Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Hyogo, Mie, Wakayama and Shiga. Most tourists know Kansai by Kyoto and Osaka (especially if they arrive at Kansai airport, KIX). But here you can also find Nara or Kobe as well as some sacred places very popular with tourists such as Koyasan or the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route. In addition, the most sacred sanctuary of Shinto, that of Ise, is also in this region.